Section 1 – Board of Directors
a) Eligibility: All Directors shall be members of the Federation in good standing as defined in Article IV, Section 1 ‒ Membership of the Federation's Constitution. The Board of Directors may establish additional eligibility requirements that candidates must meet.

b) Term of Office: Each Director, excluding officers, shall serve a three-year term ending on December 31, or until his/her successor is duly elected and qualified for service ‒ except one Director elected to a one-year term and one Director elected to a two-year term beginning in 2011, for the purpose of establishing a staggered election cycle.

c) Responsibility: Directors shall:

  • Be of honorable character and reputation, and will conduct themselves according to the highest legal, moral, and ethical standards.
  • Continually work to promote the Federation including membership recruitment, fundraising efforts, and public presentations to potential sponsors and affiliates.
  • Establish both short and long-term goals for the Federation, which will be the ends for the Executive Director to accomplish.
  • Closely monitor, review, and, if necessary, openly defend the Federation's Policies and Procedures for conducting hunter education clinics ‒ including a hands-on involvement in organizing at least one clinic (before or during first term on Board of Directors) in order to thoroughly understand the model.
  • Represent the Federation at meetings and conferences organized by affiliate groups.
  • Provide reliable means of contact ‒ email and phone ‒ and regularly monitor both to stay abreast of Federation business (email address will be shared with Federation Members).

d) Attendance: Directors are expected to attend each quarterly board meeting, the annual business meeting, and the annual membership social. In addition, Directors are expected to regularly assist with clinics, booths, and all other activities of the Federation.

e) Voting: Each Director and Officer shall have one vote. The Board of Directors voting on issues outside a regularly scheduled meeting shall be considered acceptable, provided, however; each Director and Officer is duly notified by phone message and by email prior to the vote. A Director or Officer on an excused absence may appoint proxy voting in writing (including email) to the Secretary/Treasurer prior to the vote – to be included in the minutes of the meeting.

f) Removal: Directors may be removed for cause by a three-fourths vote of the entire Board of Directors ‒ provided, however; the entire Board of Directors is given at least thirty-day notice of the intended action prior to the vote ‒ for the following reasons:

  • Unexcused absences from two (2) or more meetings per year.
  • Violation of penal or wildlife codes.
  • Any violations tending to injure the good name of the Federation, disturb its well being, or hinder the pursuit of its objectives.

g) Vacancies: The Board of Directors shall have authority to fill vacancies and create additional positions by appointment.

h) Elections: Beginning with the 2010 Annual Business Meeting, Federation members in good standing present at an annual meeting shall be allowed to participate in elections for available positions on the Board of Directors. All nominations must be presented to the Board of Directors at least thirty-days prior to the elections. the example below, each At-Large Director's position has arbitrarily been assigned a number to simplify identification as the election cycle progresses.

  • The Federation membership present at 2010 annual meeting shall elect a President, Secretary/Treasurer and three At-Large Directors, according to the election cycle listed below.
  • Beginning in 2012, each At-Large Director shall be elected to a three-year term; each principal officer (President and President-Elect) shall be elected to a two-year term.
  • Beginning in 2013, the Federation's Board of Directors shall consist of two principal officers (President and President-Elect) plus three or more At-Large Directors.
  • Also beginning in 2013, the President shall appoint one At-Large Director to serve as Secretary/Treasurer for the year (Director may serve multiple years as Secretary/Treasurer).
  • President-Elect serves with the understanding that two years following his/her election, a simple majority vote of confidence from the Federation membership elects him/her to the office of President, which will require a commitment to serve at least four years on the Federation's Board of Directors.