2015 Volunteer of the Year and Allan Hoover Award Nominations

Award:  Volunteer of the Year

Nominee:  Steve Rulo



I nominate Steve Rulo for the 2015 MHHF Volunteer of the Year award for his consistent service and outstanding support of MHHF. 

 Steve became a member of MHHF in March of 2011 and immediately began mentoring clinics.  In 2012, Steve became a part of the fundraising committee and was instrumental in generating sponsors for fundraisers.  In 2012, Steve was appointed to a 1 year term as a Director, and was subsequently voted in to a 3-year term as Director-At-Large. 

 In early 2013, Steve stepped up to the plate to take the lead on organizing our signature MHHF hunter education clinics and established an amazing team that we now refer to as the “Cass County Clinic Team”.

 In the 2014-2015 MHHF clinic season, Steve logged 53 volunteer hours.  Although this is the highest amount of volunteer hours logged in that season, this doesn’t count the many hours and miles it takes to plan, prepare and coordinate the clinics.

 Member, Mentor, Fundraising Promoter, Board Member, Sponsor, Clinic Coordinator:

Steve, THANK YOU for the many many contributions you have made to make this organization what it is today.  Many youth participants and their families have been introduced to hunting and the outdoor shooting sports because of you.

 Submitted By Stacie Hubler


Award:  Allan Hoover Award

Nominee:  Dan Hertzog


I nominate Dan Hertzog, Hedge Hollow Ranch, for the Allan Hoover Award for his many years of generosity to, and promotion of, MHHF. 

 From 2008 to 2015, Dan has hosted multiple clinics at Hedge Hollow Ranch and has provided classroom space and facilities, land, game, bird dogs, manpower and his personal time and knowledge. 

 Dan introduced MHHF to other organizations and individuals who not only have donated to, but have also sponsored MHHF activities.  Dan has also personally donated to and sponsored MHHF activities.

 Dan, THANK YOU for your many years of promoting MHHF and moving us closer to the intended vision of the Federation.

 Submitted By Stacie Hubler