Lee's Column, January 2016

As is our practice, we reviewed in detail the year’s accomplishments at the 2016 MHHF Annual Meeting. Among the highlights:  2015 clinics pushed our total number of families served to 368; at the first Instructor/Mentor Rendezvous experienced members, instructors and clinic organizers captured additional best practices to augment our Clinic Procedure Manual; and, we staged the first Gentleman’s Wild Game Dinner which introduced MHHF to interested parties and thereby expanded our network of supporters.

Director Steve Rulo acknowledged each member’s contribution of hours and miles driven to clinics over the last two years.  The figures vary from one clinic to another, but on the whole, it would not be uncommon for 12 to 15 volunteers to spend a total of 170 hours and drive 1,700 miles during the weekend of a single MHHF Clinic. Among contributions not tracked, are hours spent in clinic preparation and paperwork before and after the weekend and purchases made by members for supplies which are purely donated.

I offered a brief progress report of our Strategic Plan (now 18 months old) and officially declared six of our 13 goals ACCOMPLISHED! In most instances there is progress to report on those seven that remain.  Chief among them is the establishment of three to five new chapters in the next 24 months. Directors Mike Huffman and Scott Strickland have made preliminary inquiries and research and a formal attack plan is forthcoming. I have appointed a new director, JD Selby, who will assist in this effort. (JD is one of many introductions made through the Hunter Happy Hours.) Part of this effort will involve recruiting new instructors, mentors, landowners and other volunteers in Jackson County and outlying areas.

On another note, our annual Spring Fling Trap and Turkey Shoot is less than 60 days away! Director Stacy Hubler announced some exciting enhancements to this year’s event described elsewhere in this update.  Please hold Saturday, March 12 on your calendar.  This is another great opportunity to introduce someone to MHHF AND have a great time.

Do you have friends, relatives, co-workers and others who share our enthusiasm for introducing Missouri’s hunting tradition with kids and their families? Please give this some thought and contact Susan Williams with your ideas and prospects.

We’ve made great strides in 2015!  Thank you to all of you directors, members, sponsors, donors and supporters for your contributions. 

I’m very much looking forward to this year!