Summer Reflection

Summer is an important time for MHHF. It’s when we look back on what we’ve done, plan for the upcoming hunting seasons and, of utmost importance, focus on recruiting – both volunteers and sponsors. Without either, MHHF’s opportunities for growth would be limited.

Last month, I shared information about our strategic plan for the future. Part of that plan includes expanding the number and location of MHHF Clinics. In addition to our Annual Henry County Waterfowl Clinic the 2nd weekend in December, we plan to premier a new Annual HC Waterfowl Clinic during the Middle Zone Youth Hunting Season, October 28 and 29. To be successful, we need your help and are looking for volunteers in the Harrisonville, Clinton and surrounding areas.

Recently, the Missouri Department of Conservations has modified the game laws to allow the of use crossbows during regular archery seasons. In the past, providing archery clinics was difficult. Since youngsters vary in size, we would need to have on hand many different traditional bows. In contrast, half dozen youth crossbows can be adjusted to fit youngsters of varying height and size. This change in regulations allows us to offer a new introduction to yet another aspect of history and hunting! So we are also planning a new Archery Deer Clinic using crossbows. To support this effort, we are looking for new volunteers to help us develop this clinic in the Cass, Jackson or Clay County areas.  

Mentors are always a priority and to provide expedited training in the MHHF Clinic model we are developing a New Mentor Orientation event to be held sometime in the late summer or early Fall.   

Additionally, we always appreciate support in the classroom, at the range and around basecamp the day of the hunt. So, even if a person doesn’t have an instructor certification or hunting experience to share, there are plenty of other important ways to help out.

Please give some thought to someone you know who might be interested in joining us. Membership dues are $20 per year or a Life Membership is available for a one-time donation of $250.

Member perks? There’s only one – and it’s a big one – it’s the satisfaction of mentoring youth who find greater ways to appreciate the outdoors and enthusiastically embrace Missouri’s hunting tradition. Every clinic we stage concludes with appreciative parents and happy kids who have made new friends, gained confidence from learning new skills and knowledge. Every time I participate in one of our clinics I come away with renewed enthusiasm, wanting to do more. It’s fun and rewarding. We want to share that experience with you. I hope you will consider supporting MHHF with the gift of time or your membership. For those of you who already give, THANK YOU!