Passing Along- the Fifth Component

When MHHF first created our clinic model we saw three primary components:

  1. the Missouri Department of Conservation hunter education certification class,

  2. the supervised live-fire session, and

  3. the mentored hunt.

Very soon thereafter, the MHHF founders recognized that the after hunt camp lunch, where the kids told each other their tales of the hunt, was another important part of the traditional hunting experience. At that moment, we considered the camp lunch a fourth component of our clinic.

Several years ago, we stuggled with a concern that introducing youth to hunting was not enough. We felt we needed to do something more to assist our clinic graduates with finding opportunities to connect with like-minded hunters for continuing education and friendship. To that end we welcomed hunting organizations like Ducks Unlimited, National Wild Turkey Federation and Pheasants Forever to partner with us.

“How?” you might ask.

First, they provided MHHF a $250 donation to assist in offsetting our hard costs of running our clinics, things like eye and ear protection, shells, targets and hot dogs.. Additionally, we encouraged a representative from one of those organizations to join us the day of the hunt. In some cases, that person was one of our mentors. During the camp lunch, we recognized this individual for their service, and their organization as an association that supports youth and Missouri’s hunting heritage. He or she is given a few minutes to share the value of becoming a member of their organization. Collateral material and contact information is provided.

In this way, MHHF plays the role of the “farm team,” for the partnering organization, providing a flow of new member prospects fresh from their first time afield. We are also providing an important next step for our clinic graduates so, if they choose to continue to pursue hunting and the outdoor way of life, they have somewhere to go.

It is our hope to have a partner with every hunter education clinic and hunt we provide.  If you are a member or on the board of a related organization and would like to learn how to leverage the value of MHHF as your “farm team”, please contact Jerri Keith