Last month, two MHHF members received formal recognition at our annual meeting.

David Wyatt received the Keith McCanse award, recognizing pioneers in modern day conservation and defenders of our hunting heritage. David has been involved with MHHF since before our formal beginning in 2007. Working with Allan Hoover, and others, he helped define the concept of the Federation. From 2011 thru 2014, he served on the Board of Directors. From those early days to now, he continues to be an active volunteer and support our clinics and events.

The MHHF President’s Award was presented for the first time. This recognition is determined by (and only by) the Federation President to recognize any individual or entity for whatever criteria he or she chooses. During the last five years, Stacie Hubler has contributed more hours to MHHF than anyone. In addition to being our Events Chair since 2013, Stacie has been an at-large Board Director, Board Secretary, and President-Elect. Additionally, on three different occasions Stacie has taken over the duties of Executive Director handling the day-to-day business of the Federation (which she is still doing today). She is the first recipient of this award Recognizing Extraordinary Support of the Mission.

Congratulations David and Stacie. Thank you for your support and helping MHHF achieve our goal. And thank you to all of you who attended the meeting. We had a record turnout!

To date, MHHF members, sponsors and volunteers have completed 78 Clinics and introduced 465 families to Missouri’s hunting tradition.

Please take a look at the photos from our last clinic in this Update. At any given clinic you have no idea how much you may impact a young person’s perception of the outdoor world or know how that impact may be paid forward in the future.

Now is the time of year to turn our focus on growth for the future. Take time to consider hunters, landowners, or others who would enjoy helping the next generation to learn about Missouri’s outdoor way of life and hunting tradition. If you know someone who can help, please contact me, Stacie Hubler or any of our Directors to share their name and make an introduction. To show our appreciation, we’ll send you an MHHF decal for your car.

Thanks again for all YOU do!