The fall hunting season is beginning. This is the time of year where we relive the stories with our friends and family about our prior experiences and make plans for what we hope to accomplish in the upcoming year. Just as you enjoy talking about getting outdoors with them, this is also a perfect time to talk to them and other people you know about Missouri Hunting Heritage Federation.

Why is this important?

Last month, MHHF gained three new member mentors. How did these new members come our way? Was it advertising? Was it through a booth at Bass Pro? No. All three were introduced to the work of MHHF by talking with a current member.

I recently attended the Conservation Federation of Missouri’s Affiliate Summit. One of the most talked about topics among more than one hundred affiliate organizations was volunteer recruitment. Fortunately, the goals of MHHF to introduce youth to hunting, the shooting sports and an outdoor way of life are applauded by most people. I’ve never had anyone tell me they thought what we are doing is wrong. Whether someone’s a hunter or just a person interested in the well-being of the next generation, the activities of MHHF resonate well with just about everyone.

Admittedly, not everyone can share in our mission in the same way. Some have time and experience, some have dollars, some have land and others enjoy teaching hunter safety. Regardless of how a person supports MHHF, the first key to getting them involved is to make them aware of what we do.

As we head into this wonderful time of year when we prepare to get back outside, I have one simple thing to ask you – tell the MHHF story. Ask those you know if they would be willing to spend a day or two this year to introduce a young person to the shooting sports or teach a couple of hunter safety chapters in a class. If they show interest, encourage them to visit our website ( to learn more and to become a member. Finally, bring them to our Shoot for the Future Sporting Clays Tournament, September 29th, so they can meet other like-minded people and see their passion for assuring the future of our hunting tradition.

As always, thank you!