Federation Co-Founder, Lee Vogel, recognized as Hero of Conservation by Field and Stream Magazine

For his participation in the Missouri Hunting Heritage Federation (MHHF), Lee Vogel, one of the MHHF co-founders, was recognized in the August issue of Field & Stream Magazine as a Hero of Conservation.

According to the magazine, a Hero of Conservation is someone who spends his or her own time working to create, improve, or restore fish and wildlife or habitat. A Hero is dedicated to the spirit of conservation volunteerism and stands out among other volunteers. Some heroes are members of conservation organizations involved with dedicated efforts to benefit a particular species or area. Others are simply individuals who take it upon themselves to improve habitat where they live. No project is too small, but the public should be able to benefit from the endeavor, and there should be a clear tie to hunting and/or fishing.

“It’s an honor to be recognized,” says Vogel. “I don’t see this as a reflection of my individual contributions; it’s really the result of the hard work and commitment of the MHHF membership.”