Thanks to the Missouri Hunting Heritage Federation, I am confident that my daughter and I will enjoy hunting together for many years to come. We are both better prepared and can share a deeper appreciation of the hunting experience.
— Sara, Hunting Clinic Participant

Introducing Youth to Hunting

The Missouri Hunting Heritage Federation (MHHF) is a service-oriented organization of volunteers who are passionate about Missouri’s hunting history. MHHF introduces youth to an outdoor way of life featuring our hunting tradition, the shooting sports and the enjoyment of being in Missouri’s natural landscape.

Our members organize activities and work to support hunter education initiatives without regard for individual benefit or compensation. We take pride in Missouri’s hunting tradition regardless of method and strive to preserve this heritage for future generations.

Through education and hands-on training, youth learn how to safely handle firearms, gain an understanding of wildlife conservation and are introduced to the many enjoyable aspects of our hunting heritage.


The Missouri Hunting Heritage Federation (MHHF) exists to introduce youth and their families to the hunting experience.


The Missouri Hunting Heritage Federation (MHHF) introduces youth to an outdoor way of life that features hunting and the shooting sports through free, weekend clinics. In this way we pass along Missouri’s hunting heritage in the best and safest way possible.


To graduate the 500th family by January 1, 2019.


Safety, Consistency, Integrity and Ethics